Outfitter Tour - Kauai **PREORDER**
Outfitter Tour - Kauai **PREORDER**

Outfitter Tour - Kauai **PREORDER**

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The Outfitter Tour 

Welcome to the Outfitter Tour! We're outfitting you with kits that thoughtfully combine colorways with suggested patterns. Whether you want to knit or crochet, we have you covered! We're creating new colorways and re-envisioning patterns as we explore and share more wild places with you across the country. This month we're headed to the Garden Island of Kauai!

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The Garden Island of Kaua'i

White sand beaches and dramatic emerald mountains. Kauai has a distinct history from its sister islands. It was the first inhabited of the islands over 1500 years ago, and the only island to successfully resist King Kamehameha. 

And if you think Kauai looks familiar, but you've never been... it's probably because it's been the backdrop for countless movies including Jurassic Park, Blue Hawaii, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Indiana Jones. It's a visual feast and remarkable treasure.

Its crowning Mount Wai'ale'ale is one of wettest places on earth with a deluge of 450 inches of rain a year! And its breathtaking "Grand Canyon of the Pacific," Waimea Canyon, is a rusty red and verdant marvel. A little north, is the famous wild Na Pali coast, which finally reopened last year after torrential flooding in 2018. Hiking along Na Pali's Kalalau Trail is a right of passage for both locals and tourists alike. You'll find yourself surrounded by countless native plants, with many rare species growing nearby on inaccessible cliffs. True tropical paradise.

Today the Hawaiian islands remain a hotbed of biodiversity, but they now have 1/2 of the country's endangered plants. Hundreds of years ago, Hawaiians already mastered managing their natural resources and protecting their lands from overhunting and overfishing, but new challenges have emerged. A swath of organizations including botanical gardens and arboretums are coming together, pouring efforts into seed banking, outplanting, and more in a race to save countless plant species. They're underfunded, but they are making a difference!

You can help conserve this treasure by supporting Lyon Arboretum, a leader in this conservation work.  


Kaua'i Sock & Shawl Kits

For this preorder, we have single skein projects! Choose a skein for either socks or a shawl, and a discount code for one of the featured patterns! One single colorway will be created based on the inspiration photo below... the Garden Island of Kauai! It's February- a great time for a botanical inspired colorway!

**The inspiration photo reflects what the colorways will be, NOT the featured projects. Only one discount code is included per kit. Patterns are NOT included in kits.**


Choose the yarn base of your choice. Single skeins are $1.50 off retail price. 

Featured patterns:

Choose one pattern discount for use on Ravelry through February! We worked with our featured pattern designers to offer discount codes just for you! The discount varies by pattern. You'll receive your coupon code by email within 2 business days after your purchase.

Knit Socks: Lyne Socks (25% off code)
Knit Shawl: Drops of Joy (30% off code)
Crochet Shawl: Artfully Simple Angled (free/no code needed)


Inspiration image photo credit: Cristofer Jeschke & Georgia de Lotz

How it Works

Our inspiration photo guides us in creating new colorways and pairing with patterns. Preorders are open until the 15th. Preorder pricing is discounted from our standard retail prices. If kits are popular, we might stock them at regular retail price after the preorder.

We dye the yarn, then post the colorways before your preorders ship. If you don't love it, exchange your preorder for store credit before it even ships out!  More happiness- zero waste!

Here's the preorder schedule:

  • Preorder available until the 15th.
  • Colorway created, and its photo posted around the 22nd of month.
  • Pattern discount codes sent by email within 2 business days from purchase.
  • Preordered yarn orders ship near end of month.

Please know the colorway will be an interpretation of the photo, and not color-matched! 



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