Outfitter Tour - Joshua Tree **PREORDER**

Outfitter Tour - Joshua Tree **PREORDER**

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The Outfitter Tour 

Welcome to the Outfitter Tour! We're outfitting you with new colorways and suggested patterns, as we explore wild places across the country with you. Whether you want to knit or crochet, we have you covered! 

Stop 6
Joshua Tree

Where the Mojave and the Sonoran deserts meet, and rockclimbers abound! Joshua Tree was a National Monument for years, but became a National Park only about 25 years ago in 1994. The park usually hosts about 3 million visitors a year, and is famously popularized by Instagrammers and the Coachella music festival. During moonless summer nights, it's a stargazing oasis for viewing the Milky Way, and a fantastic place to view the Perseid meteor shower in mid-August.

The iconic Joshua Tree itself is awaiting official protection as an endangered species. And if California does approve its endangered status, it'll set a fantastic precedent for protecting countless other species that are threatened primarily by climate change! Rising temperatures are already affecting where the tree survives within the park, along with the desert moth it needs in order to pollinate and survive. Studies show hope that some trees might survive this century in select cooler pockets throughout the park, a phenomenon called "climate refugia." Scientists and activists are staying busy.

Special thanks go to The Center of Biological Diversity for petitioning to list the Joshua Tree as an endangered species under California's Endangered Species Act, after the current presidential administration denied its federal protection. They're currently fighting countless attacks on the Endangered Species Act altogether! Join their e-action network to easily sign future petitions and send quick messages to your legislators. 



For this preorder, one single colorway will be created based on the inspiration photo below... 

**The inspiration photo (NOT the featured patterns) reflects what the colorway will be. Patterns are NOT included.**


Choose the yarn base of your choice. Single skeins are $1.50 off retail price. 

    Featured patterns:

    This month we suggest the following patterns! If you use a free pattern, we ask that you use the dollar savings to help make a donation to Black Lives Matter or similar charitable org.


    Inspiration image photo credit: Bradley Dunn

    How it Works

    Our inspiration photo guides us in creating new colorways and selecting patterns. Preorders are open until mid-month. Preorder pricing is discounted from our standard retail prices. If colorways are popular, we might stock them at regular retail price after the preorder.

    We dye the yarn, then post the colorways before your preorders ship. If you don't love it, exchange your preorder for store credit before it even ships out!  More happiness- zero waste!

    Current preorder schedule:

    • Preorder available until the 21st.
    • Colorway created, and its photo posted towards end of month.
    • Preorders ship near end of month.

    Please know the colorway will be an interpretation of the photo, and not color-matched! 



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