Outfitter Tour - Grand Canyon **PREORDER**

Outfitter Tour - Grand Canyon **PREORDER**

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The Outfitter Tour 

Welcome to the Outfitter Tour! We're outfitting you with kits that thoughtfully combine colorways with suggested patterns. Whether you want to knit or crochet, we have you covered! We're creating new colorways and re-envisioning patterns as we explore and share more wild places with you across the country.

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Grand Canyon

A mile deep canyon carved over millions of years by the Colorado River. Many visitors feel suddenly small and their troubles dwarfed as they take in the depth and expanse of the panoramic view. Along the rim you might catch a glimpse of the canyon's largest native animal- the resilient yet endangered Desert Bighorn Sheep. They have keen eyesight, unparalleled climbing ability, and males grow horns weighing up to 30 pounds. Many people enjoy the challenge of trying to spot them with binoculars. 

At first glance this may look like a barren place, but it's actually incredibly unique and flourishing with diversity. Near the top you can find yourself within a fir forest, as you descend you'll be surrounded by cacti and shrubs of the desert zone, and at its bottom you'll find lush riparian zone along the Colorado River rich with dripping seeps and streams along the canyon walls. Having so many different major ecosystems and 5 out of 7 life zones makes the diversity the equivalent of exploring from Mexico to Canada

Unsurprisingly, Grand Canyon is one of the most studied geological landscapes in the entire world. It's a geological wonder providing a fantastic record of 3 of the 4 eras of "deep time" spanning 1.7 billion years. The canyon is a treasure trove of caves, fossils, and formations that help us unravel earth's long history. And after 150 years of studying, geologists are still learning more! 


For this preorder, we have one colorway projects! Choose a single skein for either socks or a shawl, or up to 2 skeins of DK for a slouch hat! One single colorway will be created based on the inspiration photo below... 

**The inspiration photo(s) reflects what the colorways will be, NOT the featured projects. Patterns are NOT included.**


Choose the yarn base of your choice. Single skeins are $1.50 off retail price. 

    Featured patterns:

    This month we worked with verybusymonkey, who's sharing her anniversary discount code! 

    • Knit Socks: Folded Ribbon Socks 1 skein of fingering (10% off with coupon code VBM2020anniv10)
    • Knit Shawl: Geology Shawl 1 skein of fingering (10% off with coupon code VBM2020anniv10)
    • Crochet Hat: Marion Slouch  2 skeins of DK (free/no code needed)


    Inspiration image photo credits: National Park Service & Aldric Rivat

    How it Works

    Our inspiration photo guides us in creating new colorways and pairing with patterns. Preorders are open until mid-month. Preorder pricing is discounted from our standard retail prices. If colorways are popular, we might stock them at regular retail price after the preorder.

    We dye the yarn, then post the colorways before your preorders ship. If you don't love it, exchange your preorder for store credit before it even ships out!  More happiness- zero waste!

    Here's the preorder schedule:

    • Preorder available until the 19th.
    • Colorway created, and its photo posted around the 22nd of month.
    • Pattern discount codes sent by email within 2 business days from purchase (if applicable).
    • Preordered yarn orders ship near end of month.

    Please know the colorway will be an interpretation of the photo, and not color-matched! 

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    Deb D.
    United States United States
    Never disappointed

    I absolutely love the different monthly series (last year’s Monterey, this year’s Outfitter). I look forward each month to seeing the inspiration pic and wondering what the resulting yarn will look like. I have yet to be disappointed. The colors are always so beautiful and work well. I have tried most, if not all, of the different bases available and every one is if the highest quality. Seriously, these yarns are so squishy soft you just want to hold them close. I love the option of being able to order a sock or shawl kit. My favorite thing, however, is how these ladies give back to nature in supporting our national parks. And now that they are investigating natural dyeing, I can’t wait to see how that work progresses!

    Candice H.
    United States United States
    Like a vacation for your eyes

    This yarn is beautiful and subtle, just like looking at the Grand Canyon. The yarn is soft and knits up so lovely.



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