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This month's colorway inspiration is
Elephant Seals

Another member of Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, and named for the big elephant-like noses on males. They spend most of their lives at sea, only living onshore for a few months every year to molt, mate, and give birth. Unlike other seals that shed year-round, these seals shed their first layer of skin and fur all at once, coming off in distinct sheets, termed a catastrophic molt. In the ocean they spend most of the time deep diving to depths around 1,500 feet! These big seals grow to 10-15 feet long and males weigh up to 4,500 pounds... as heavy as a car.

Like other species, the elephant seal was hunted to near extinction for its blubber that was used in lamp oil. Mexico gave them protected status when less than a hundred seals were left in Guadalupe Island, America soon followed suit. Their populations have since rebounded to about 160,000!

Photo credits: Robert Schwemmer, NOAA & Michael L. Baird 

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How it Works

A new monthly release on your terms! Preorder is open until the 15th of each month. Preorder pricing is 10% off our standard retail price. We choose an inspiration photo, and you choose one of our available yarn bases... or get a sock kit or shawl kit that includes a coordinating colorway! And unlike a yarn club, you can preorder more than one skein!

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Here's the preorder schedule:

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Please know the colorway will be an interpretation of the photo, and not color-matched!

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