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This month's colorway inspiration is
Pacific Seahorse! 

One of the largest of its kind, they can grow up to a foot tall! This fish is the only seahorse found off of the California coast- and it's a favorite at the Monterey Bay Aquarium! In the wild, they're found along our coast from San Diego all the way down to Peru. Rising ocean temperatures, as during El Nino have them being spotted as far North as Los Angeles! 

When courting they interlock tails and spin around together every day for minutes or even hours! They're weak swimmers, and use their prehensile tails to grab onto nearby objects so they don't get swept away.

They're listed as a threatened species. Many get inadvertently caught in fishing nets, but many are purposely caught to be sold as tourist souvenirs. You can help by refusing to buy them as souvenirs, letting others know, and supporting marine protected areas!

Photo credit: Naomi Tamar

How it Works

A new monthly release on your terms! Preorder is open until the 15th of each month. Preorder pricing is 10% off our standard retail price. We choose an inspiration photo, and you choose one of our available yarn bases... or get a sock kit! And unlike a yarn club, you can preorder more than one skein!

We dye your yarn, then post the new colorway before it ships. If you don't love it, exchange your preorder for store credit before it even ships out! 
More happiness- zero waste!

Here's the preorder schedule:

  • Preorder available until the 15th of each month.
  • Colorway created and photo posted by the 21st of month.
  • Preorders ship by end of month.

Please know the colorway will be an interpretation of the photo, and not color-matched!

If we have extra skeins, they'll be available at full retail price after the pre-order! This is a limited run. We don't plan on making more.


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