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This month's colorway inspiration is
The Lone Cypress! 

The Lone Cypress at Pebble Beach! Famed for its captivating solitary and stoic place atop the foggy wave-whipped coast along 13 mile drive. It's a Monterey Cypress, which is a rare species in the wild. Endemic to California's central coast, and now only found natively in two small protected forest groves in Del Monte Forest and Point Lobos State Reserve. These surviving trees can be up to 2,000 years-old, and are what's left of what used to be very large forests. 

Recently the tree made national news for losing a limb in the rough storms earlier this year, reducing its size by about a third. Thankfully it's reported that the tree is still secure and in healthy condition. Throughout the years, The Lone Cypress has struck many as a symbol of rugged individualism. It's estimated to be about 250 years old, predating the founding of our country. 

By demand, now offering preorder shawl kits in addition to sock kits! If you'd like a custom coordinating full skein instead of a miniskein, you can now order this as a shawl kit!

**Silky Merino currently unavailable.**

How it Works

A new monthly release on your terms! Preorder is open until the 15th of each month. Preorder pricing is 10% off our standard retail price. We choose an inspiration photo, and you choose one of our available yarn bases... or get a sock kit or shawl kit that includes a custom coordinating colorway! And unlike a yarn club, you can preorder more than one skein!

We dye your yarn, then post the new colorway before it ships. If you don't love it, exchange your preorder for store credit before it even ships out! 
More happiness- zero waste!

Here's the preorder schedule:

  • Preorder available until the 15th of each month.
  • Colorway created and photo posted around the 21st of month.
  • Preorders ship by end of month.

Please know the colorway will be an interpretation of the photo, and not color-matched!

If we have extra skeins, they'll be available at full retail price after the pre-order! This is a limited run. We don't plan on making more.


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