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This month's colorway inspiration is
Pacific Leatherback Sea Turtle

Yes, California does have sea turtles! The Pacific Leatherback Sea Turtle is actually California's official state marine reptile! They've roamed the waters for 75 million years, and adults reach up to 2000 pounds and 8 feet long. This makes them the oldest and largest marine reptile in the Pacific. Leatherbacks are also known for their unusual leathery backs- they're the only sea turtle without a hard bony shell!

They're born on the coasts of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands. Once hatched the tiny creatures instinctively make their way to the bright light on the horizon and into the ocean. What happens next to the hatchlings no one knows- it's called the "lost years," but hopefully most come back to nest as adults. Adults nest on the shores, then spend the large part of a year migrating 7000 miles to California waters, including the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, where they feast on jellyfish. 

This turtle is critically endangered, and the population has declined dramatically over the last couple decades. Scientists are concerned that climate change will affect their ability to survive. The temperature of the sand on the nested eggs determines the sex of the hatchlings, which can affect their ability reproduce as a population. Amazing volunteers and beach monitors help protect these vulnerable nests from wild dogs and pigs, and also add shade to protect them from excessive heat (see photo below)!

Photo credit: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

How to help?
You can help sea turtles by limiting your use of plastics, especially single use plastic. Leatherbacks sometimes mistake plastic bags and balloons as food (they can look like jellyfish), which can kill them.

Unregulated and unsustainable fishing practices kills sea turtles, causing many to get caught or tangled by nets and hooks. So, support sustainable seafood and aquaculture by buying sustainable and USA sourced seafood! See Monterey's sustainable seafood guides (they even have an app)! Fisheries in the USA are regulated, but about 90% of America's seafood is imported from other countries, often which aren't regulated. 

Watch them here!

Main image photo credit: USFWS 

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How it Works

A new monthly release on your terms! Preorder is open until the 15th of each month. Preorder pricing is 10% off our standard retail price. We choose an inspiration photo, and you choose one of our available yarn bases... or get a sock kit or shawl kit that includes a coordinating colorway! And unlike a yarn club, you can preorder more than one skein!

We dye your yarn, then post the new colorway before it ships. If you don't love it, exchange your preorder for store credit before it even ships out! 
More happiness- zero waste!

Here's the preorder schedule:

  • Preorder available until the 15th of each month.
  • Colorway created and photo posted around the 21st of month.
  • Preorders ship by end of month.

Please know the colorway will be an interpretation of the photo, and not color-matched!

If we have extra skeins, they'll be available at full retail price after the pre-order! This is a limited run. We don't plan on making more.


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