Field Notes- National Parks, Series F

Field Notes- National Parks, Series F

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These notebooks are part of the National Park Series!

We've been enchanted by the beautiful art on the covers of these popular little books for yarn colorways and we already have colorways in mind for these.

This set has graph paper and are pocket-sized for note-taking and sketching out your next project! They come as a 3-pack and are 3.5" by 5.5" with 48 interior pages. Standard graph grid 3/16" x 3/16".

Field Notes is donating 5% of the purchase to the National Park Service to help preserve our national parks.

This "Series F" set includes:

  • Glacier National Park
  • Hawaii Volcanoes  National Park
  • Everglades  National Park

100% made in the USA! All papers sourced and manufactured in the USA and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, and printed in the Chicago area with soy-based inks.



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