Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you have any yarn clubs? We don’t have a standard yarn club subscription, instead we have a monthly pre-order series. Each month you can pre-order that month’s new colorway(s).

I just bought something earlier, can you bundle my shipments together? Yes! We usually can, just reach us and we’ll see if we can accommodate you, and we might be able to refund any shipping overages.

Will you be making more of a certain colorway? Please ask! There’s a good chance we can! Let us know the quantity and yarn base, and if you’re ready to order. We can invoice you, and add it to our dye schedule.

Are these colorways at my LYS? Call your LYS! Our shops primarily carry our repeatable colorways, but sometimes also have special custom colorways we made just for them and some other special goods like stitch markers and bags.  

Do you deliver outside of the USA? Yes! By popular demand, we're now shipping to Canada!

Where's my packing slip? 
If it's a bigger order we may use one, but for most orders, especially simple ones, we don't include packing slips because we believe in minimal packaging! If you want one, you can let us know in the "notes" at checkout.

What are these bits in the padded mailer? We actually transitioned to non-padded mailers without this issue! Our previous mailers were (also) SFI certified 100% biodegradable and made from 100% recycled paper. This includes the interior padding, made of shredded paper fibers. Sure this can sometimes be messy if you don't use the tear strip, but the earth would thank you if she could! It's the best earth-friendly padded mailer around. 

Do you collaborate or offer yarn support? Yes we do! Please reach us and let's see if it could be a good fit!

Can I tour your studio? 
We're a small indie-dyer and don't offer tours of our small studio space, but we do encourage you to come check out our surrounding town of Running Springs and the local Heaps Peak Arboretum that we support!

Are you inclusive? Yes. First of all, we want to acknowledge that racism (in many forms), bigotry and scapegoating are all very long-standing serious problems, particularly in this political climate. It's something we take very seriously in our personal lives, especially in deference to our Jewish family members and roots in Germany. Although we don't have a brick-and-mortar store, we still feel it's a very important topic to address. 

We want you to know that we work hard to offer excellent customer service to each and every person who comes to our shop and shows. We're a small women-owned business with a passion for the natural world (if you couldn't tell already)! Our goal is to be a respite from stress. We strive to connect to you as a fellow person who loves nature and fiber. In these divisive times, we seek to bring people together, with the understanding that meaningful change requires dedication to education, connection, and swift rejection of hate in forms big and small. There's bound to be things we can improve, so if you're willing, please let us know. We hope you find some inspiration to help make the world a little better, and keep fighting a good fight. If there's anything we can do to help you feel more at home, please ask!









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