Wildflower Seeds - BABY BLUE EYES

Wildflower Seeds - BABY BLUE EYES

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A packet full of Baby Blue Eyes wildflower seeds!

Grow native wildflowers to help restore our ecosystem! These seeds are bought through ROWIA, the organization we've officially partnered with! Buying these seeds helps them in their effort to conserve Heaps Peak Arboretum & the San Bernardino National Forest!

  • Native throughout California... Oregon & Nevada
  • Moderately drought tolerant 
  • Sun & part shade
  • Low maintenance
  • Blooms in early spring
  • Helps restore the natural ecosystem
  • Helps pollinators
  • Grow in gardens, vacant lots, and in urban and suburban areas

Don't plant wildflower seeds in natural wild areas with existing native plants, because the existing plants are specifically adapted to the area! Introducing your new seed can disrupt their success! Conservation of wild areas is best left to the experts.



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