Behind the Sandpiper Colorway!

Photo credit: Becky Matsubara

Sandpipers & Shorelines

When you visit a shoreline in North America there's a good chance you'll see sandpipers, snowy plovers and other darling shoreline birds. 

Did you know that beach wrack, those piles of seaweed and grasses on the shore (often buzzing with bugs), is vital to their conservation? Wrack creates lots of food and supports a whole web of beach ecosystem, and beaches that are "groomed" to remove it have dramatically fewer birds, plants and other animals. About 40% of sandy beach species depend on wrack!

You can help shorelines by:
  • leaving seaweed on the beach
  • not chasing birds since it wastes their energy needed for survival
  • staying distanced from nesting birds
  • keeping dogs leashed on beaches
  • not feeding birds, especially ravens, which are nest predators
  • taking down driftwood sculptures, because they create unnatural perches for shorebird predators
  • asking beach management to create no grooming zones and to hand groom instead of using nest-crushing heavy equipment as an alternative
Learn more at Point Blue... they have a beach pocket guide with more details.
Learn to love beach wrack!

Inspiration Project

The Drachenfels Shawl by Melanie Berg knitted with the Sandpiper Kit.



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